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Lucky Jonquil

Short Floss Keeps, set of 4

Short Floss Keeps, set of 4

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I've always wound my extra threads around two fingers, made a tidy stack, and folded the stack into my printed pattern to keep between stitching sessions. Somewhere along the way those sweet little rounds become knots that either have to be picked out or they have to be thrown out. It's almost as if they throw a party for themselves, freed from their bobbin wound confines.

Each floss keep can hold 3 sections of cut floss and it all fits perfectly into the small slot in your standard bobbin box. They even match our standard bobbins in crystal clear, frosted clear, and milky white.

Durable 3mm thick acrylic is reusable and long-lasting.

Write on the smooth surface (but not on a frosted side) with a fine tip permanent marker and wipe clean with rubbing alcohol when finished.

4 cm tall x 4 cm wide x .3cm thick

**Embroidery floss NOT included**

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