About me

Hi there!

I'm Jenny, owner of Lucky Jonquil and I am excited to be able to share with you the new tools that I am dreaming up. 

I'm new to the cross stitch and embroidery community, but not to designing or stitching. Back in 2006, I was designing baby carriers under the name JonquilMom, selling them to friends and online through Etsy. That morphed into jewelry, also sold through Etsy and small local boutiques. I then learned to knit and was altering the patterns I found to the point that I started to design my own. I sold those under the name zJonquil and am still selling them on Ravelry and Etsy. Through knitting and the trade shows that I attended as a designer, I branched back into cross stitch and embroidery... which is something I had loved as a kid.

Jonquils are a subclass of daffodils, a type that has multiple flowers on a stalk. Paperwhites are a commonly known Jonquil. More importantly, its a flower that blooms through the cold and snow showing delicate strength in hard circumstances, and a harbinger of more pleasant time.

I want to sit down and feel cozy in my free time, I don't get much of that being a single mom of 3 and running a business. Come and join me in taking a deep breath and enjoying the process of stitching. I'm glad you're here.

Happy stitches,


  • Swatchable Storage

    I began producing Swatch Drops during the pandemic. The idea was quickly copied once I listed them on Etsy. I don't list may items on Etsy now for this reason!

    Swatches for you 
  • 11 skin tone shades ranging from light to dark

    Spectrum of Color

    The whole range of colors is my favorite color. I want to collect all of them simply to for a serotonin boost.

  • New Things

    I'm constantly curious and always learning something new. When someone reaches out with a special request, it makes my day!

    Customs & Collaborations