Jenny, the owner

Hi there!

I'm Jenny, owner of Jonquil Stitchery, and am super excited to be able to share with you the new tools that I am dreaming up. While the stitchery is new, my history of designing and selling is not.

Back in 2006, I was designing baby carriers under the name JonquilMom, selling them to friends and online through Etsy. That morphed into jewelry, also sold through Etsy and small local boutiques. I then picked up knitting and was altering the patterns I found to the point that I started to design my own under the name zJonquil and selling them on Ravelry and Etsy. Through knitting and the trade shows that I attended as a designer, I branched back into cross stitch and embroidery, which is something I had loved as a kid.

In naming the next round of creativity, I'm keeping the jonquil theme as it has so much history and personal meaning. It's a subclass of daffodils, a type that has multiple flowers on a stalk. Paperwhites are a commonly known Jonquil. More importantly, its a flower that blooms through the cold and snow showing delicate strength in hard circumstances, and a harbinger of more pleasant time.

My kids are growing up fast and I'm a single mom. They will be helping me with the shop. That first kiddo is taking business classes, the middle one is helping with product development and shipping, and the youngest is opinionated quality control. It's a family goal to send to you the best stitching aids around.

I want to sit down and feel cozy in my free time, almost always doing something with my hands. Maybe you do too? Join me in enjoying the process with fresh tools and pretty string. I'm glad you're here.

Happy stitches,