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Lucky Jonquil

Floss Swatch Chips - Clear

Floss Swatch Chips - Clear

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Swapping out a fabric? Need to swap out for a different color? Floss Swatch Chips to the rescue! Stitched just once and forever useful in making adjustments in future projects, no more endless stitching in the margin to find the right shade.

Need to pull a color palette for the next big project? These can tell you how that will look for cross stitch with greater precision than the skein, especially for variegated color ways.

Available in sets without engraved numbers so you can customize and stitch for whatever your needs are. Use a fine tip permanent marker to record the color and when it is time to reuse the swatch chip, it can be wiped clean with alcohol. (Do not soak!)

Cable ring and thread sold separately.

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