Lucky Floss Stars, set of 7
Lucky Floss Stars, set of 7
Lucky Floss Stars, set of 7

Lucky Floss Stars, set of 7

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Everything about the process should be enjoyable and appealing, and a floss bobbin is no different! There is no  wrong way to wind these Lucky Floss Stars, and it’s a soothing rhythmic process that creates fun patterns much like the spiral drawings we did as kids. Arrives with a protective paper backing that should be peeled off before use.

  • Set of 7
  • 3mm clear acrylic, which helps to reduce the dreaded bobbin kink and allows the color of the floss to shine
  • Hole allows for securing with others on a ring and the thread end slit for securing the floss
  • Easily marks with fine tip permanent marker, wipeable with alcohol 
  • Floss not included

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