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Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell

Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell

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Artisans at Tomoi Co., Ltd. in Nara craft these exquisite flower-shaped pushpins using genuine mother-of-pearl, perfect for affixing pictures and memos to bulletin boards, walls, and workspaces.

Tiny flowers are cut from the inner shell of Akoi pearl oysters, which are then dyed in yellow, pin, blue, and green.
White pushpins are unpigmented to showcase the moon-like luminescence of the Akoi shell.
These shell flowers are affixed to sharp made-in-Hiroshima pins.

All colors have a natural iridescence that adds a sparkle to any space.

Pins come in single-color sets of three or in an assorted box including one of each of the five colors.

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