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Nurge Wooden Embroidery Hoop, 16mm

Nurge Wooden Embroidery Hoop, 16mm

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Your hands will notice the smooth edges and fine craftsmanship in these embroidery hoops! They are made of German beech wood with sturdy brass hardware. Your fabric will be held taut by the two wooden hoops because they fit precisely together. The brass screw is a slotted hex shape, allowing it to be tightened with a screwdriver or a wrench in addition to finger tightening. 

The first photo shows the hoop that is 16mm thick, the one offered in this listing. The second photo shows hoops in multiple thicknesses for side by side comparison. 

Dimensions -- 16mm wide and available in the following diameters:

  • Size 3 -- 6.3"   
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