Building a business is no JOKE

Building a business is no JOKE

It's amazing to me the amount of work that I have put into the shop and how little there still is to show for it. I was well aware of the uphill climb that it would be, but yet... 

Whole weekends have been devoted to figuring out accounting software, and other weekends devoted to brand design. Sorting out wholesale orders and running inventory. GOOD GREIF SOCIAL MEDIA. 

It's a wee bit exhausting. On top of the Pandemic, raising kids, working another full time job, and being a single mom. 

I keep ordering inventory, and am only getting it entered slowly. I wish it were faster, but it's pretty tedious still. I've put considerable time into the Cosmo Floss collection, right down to the in house photography in hopes of capturing true colors for you - but when all you add is floss and the scissors, hoops, and project bags sit unentered, it's actually hard to feel as if much has been accomplished.

For those of you who have visited, thank you. 

For those of you who have purchased, THANK YOU.

Thank you for being willing to grow with me, and for your patience as we blossom in season.

Today I got more scissors, kits, and project bags entered to the site and it felt so good. 

There is still so much more.

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